Moral Transformation

By Pastor Stephen E. Broden

As our nation’s churches remain silent on Same Sex Marriage, Gender-Neutral showers/bathrooms, the other side is preparing the way for PEDOPHILIA. Few in the community of faith see the urgency of the threat we face as the homosexual agenda is securing a position of prominence in our culture.

What is considered immoral from a biblical point of view is being normalized in large part because Christians have conceded the fight or are oblivious to the speed at which the moral character of our nation is changing. Gender-neutral bathrooms and showers are now legal in Dallas. Same sex marriage is being capitulated in just about every state of the union. Shockingly, all the major institutions in America are embracing the LGBQT+ agenda: government, academia, business and corporations, the media, and unfortunately, churches of every denomination. It is said, “As the church goes so goes the family.” Our families are being influenced by these institutions who play a major role in shaping attitudes and behavior in main stream America. Target, American Airlines, NFL, NBA, Angie’s List, Starbucks (and the list goes on) have all embraced immorality as a normal, acceptable life style. Where is the Church - those who are the salt and light agents of the Kingdom?

The insidious philosophy of “political correctness” has bullied Christians into silence. Our fight against this evil has been tempered because we have turned to placation of divine opposition rather than standing our ground on the truth of God’s word.

We are praying the wrong prayers for America. Instead of “God bless America,” it should be “God save our children and grandchildren out of America’s polluted morality.” The potential for God’s judgement looms before us ominously. Judgement will hit America hard if the salt and light truth of God’s word is hidden under a bushel.

Below is a link to the first “so called” coherent argument set forth for adult sex with children. Help us oh Lord to push back until you “Come quickly Lord Jesus.”

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