Professional Therapy, Counseling and Skilled Pastoral Care Saves Lives!

Gone Too Far Movement Synopsis on Therapy and Counseling for those wanting freedom from LGBTQ+ lifestyles


What is Reparative Therapy®? (and now called Integrated Therapy®) ?
Reparative Therapy® is a professional offering of helping people to resolve past trauma, insecurities, fears, and sexual broken ways of relating. Therefore, reparative therapy receives its name from a reparative drive of the homosexual trying to “repair” himself through homosexual activity or relationships. This therapy never involves coercion from practicing professional offering of care and is for people who want it.


What is “Conversion Therapy”?

“Conversion Therapy” is a ruse term that no one uses in practicing counseling, professional therapy or pastoral care.  This term was main-streamed in the media by several LGBTQ+ politically motivated organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, and the Southern Poverty Law Center after meeting with disappointed LGBTQ+ that did not find complete eradication of attractions or lust towards one same-sex, and therefore have made it their goal to normalize LGBTQ+ behavior into the entire culture.  The goal of those who use the fake-news ruse term of “Conversion Therapy” is to instill fear into the public, and to association of the disavowed practices of “Aversion Therapy” from the 1940’s where pain, electroshock, water treatments, drugs and hypnosis was used to “cure” mental illness, and pass laws banning therapy and counseling.  No one can be found today who practices “Conversion Therapy” or Aversion Therapy.  However, the LGBTQ+ politically motivated label Reparative Therapy or Integrated Therapy or Pastoral Care Discipleship Counseling as “Conversion Therapy” as a part of their goal to stop therapy and counseling nation-wide. They desire is to keep sexually confused and sexually abused youth with no other options but to embrace a lifestyle of LGBTQ+.  These bans are referred to as the “You MUST Stay Gay Bans. They do this by bringing fake stories and testimonies in hearings that people have been harmed and have been successful in several states.  Notice in these stories, they never name clinics, therapists, or counselors?  However, when anyone goes to try and find these people who have harmed these LGBTQ+ in therapy or counseling they cannot remember the names or places.  The diabolical goal is to continue to recruit new youth into the ranks of the LGBTQ+ community.


What really happens with people seeking help in therapy and counseling?

Many have found lasting freedom from lifestyles defined by LGBTQ+ chaos, and are thriving as productive normal men and women living a safe heterosexual committed life.  Most are also committed to living a life of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. There are several studies and surveys that reveal people found lasting freedom. [1]


[1] The listing of the reports and surveys: “Are Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) Effective? Are They Harmful? What the Evidence Shows” 


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