Understanding The Gone Too Far Movement

Gone Too Far Movement Synopsis on Therapy and Counseling for those wanting freedom from LGBTQ+ lifestyles

What is Reparative Therapy®? (and now called Integrated Therapy®) ?

What is “Conversion Therapy”?

What really happens with people seeking help in therapy and counseling?


Why Progressive Ideology Advances the Homosexual Agenda
by Dr. Scott Lively

American Marxist Humanists call themselves “Progressives.”  ...Progressives push harder for sexual deviance and abortion than any other aspect of the leftist agenda...

Moral Transformation
By Pastor Stephen E. Broden

The insidious philosophy of “political correctness” has bullied Christians into silence. Our fight against this evil has been tempered because we have turned to placation of divine opposition rather than standing our ground on the truth of God’s word.

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