Why Progressive Ideology Advances the Homosexual Agenda

 by Dr. Scott Lively

What we call the culture war has always been a campaign by Marxists to replace Judeo-Christian civilization with global socialism.  Marx and Engles’ well-intentioned response to the grotesque dehumanization of the poor during the Industrial Revolution (detailed in The Communist Manifesto) quickly morphed into a war against Christianity, which was then (sadly) closely associated with the rigid social class system created by the European monarchies with their long-held false doctrines about “the divine right of kings.”

Atheist-based Marxism spawned Communism, Socialism and Fascism, each form pushing a variation of Marxist economic theory driven by militant left-wing revolutionary populism, each form producing deadly social chaos and totalitarianism,  each form ultimately failing to survive the inevitable counter-revolution of the marriage and family-centered societies they had worked to enslave.

Undaunted, Marxists of the Frankfort School then created a new form called Cultural Marxism in the 1930s, with a new strategy centered on the dissolution of what CM theorist Herbert Marcuse called “the repressive order of procreative sexuality,” through “the elimination…of the monogamic and patriarchal family.”  The primary tool of CM strategy is “Sexual Revolution” resulting in sexual anarchy, the ultimate civilization-dissolving corrosive.

Cultural Marxism appropriated and absorbed what was known as Secular Humanism, or simply Humanism, which became, in essence, the religious form of Marxism.  The object and purpose of “Marxified” Humanism is human self-perfection (envisioned as a Global Socialist Utopia).  It’s guiding “scripture” is the Social-Justice Political Narrative, and it’s short-form moral code (equivalent to the 10 Commandments) is the set of moral precepts known collectively as Political Correctness.  Our public schools and colleges have become defacto Temples of Humanism, and our cultural and political institutions are largely run by Humanists and been given over to Humanist doctrines and practices.

Of course, American Marxist Humanists call themselves “Progressives.”  So now you know why “Progressives” push harder for sexual deviance and abortion than any other aspect of the leftist agenda: because rampant sexual anarchy achieves the fastest “progress” toward civilization’s collapse.

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